How Does It Work?

The coolest DAO out there!

Note: As a DAO, we are in a fast-pace changing environment and terms may be subject to change, according to the Community Consensus.


The team created a Smart-Contract-Less engine to interact with Hedera Network functionalities in a decentralized and Multi-Sig manner using Offline Transactions signed by Smart-Nodes. The nodes monitor programmed Hedera account IDs to execute functions like Launchpad, Token swap, DAO voting, bypassing Smart-Contract limitations to create infinitely-scalable DeFi solutions in a trusted and decentralized way.

Technology Stacks


NestJS is a framework for building efficient and scalable Node.js server-side applications built with and fully supporting TypeScript.

Hedera SDKs (Javascript)

Hedera offers Software Development Kits to facilitate the interaction between server-side applications and the Hedera Network.

Docker Container

A container is a standard unit of software that packages up code and all its dependencies so the application runs quickly and reliably from one computing environment to another.

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