Tokenomics v1

Note: We are in a fast-pace changing environment, therefore terms may be subject to change, always to prioritize the well-being of the project.

Token Name: HbarSuite Token Symbol: HSUITE Token Id: 0.0.786931 Max Supply: 50 billion Token Allocations (generic): - 22% IPO and ITOs. - 18% Development. - 6% Marketing - 10% Smart-Drops. - 44% treasury.

Token Allocations (more details):

  • Immediate-Pledge-Order (IPO) (completed) 4% max supply (2 billion) to be offered in the IPO at $0.0001 to raise immediate funds. IPO tokens will be locked for 12 months, then released 8% monthly.

  • Round 1 Initial-Token-Offering (ITO) (completed) 6% max supply (3 billion) to be offered in the ITO at 0.0025 HBAR. Round 1 ITO tokens will NOT be locked. This will raise adequate funds to complete six months of heavy marketing strategy and development.

  • Round 2 Initial-Token-Offering (ITO) (completed) 12% max supply (6 billion) to be offered in the ITO at 0.004 HBAR (calculated at $0.07 HBAR) voted on by the limited DAO prior to Round 2. Round 2 ITO tokens will NOT be locked. IMPORTANT: Those values are calculated at the price of HBAR being $0.07. In case HBAR drops to, example $0.06, there will be a price adjustment of 0.000X HBAR to maintain its value. This is in order to protect previous rounds buyers, to avoid that further market crashes make Round 2 price cheaper than Round 1.

  • The remaining supply - 18% max supply (9 billion) for development. - 6% max supply (3 billion) for marketing. - 10% max supply (5 billion) for smart-drops. - 44% max supply (22 billion) for treasury balance.

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