Create a DAO

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Step-by-Step guide

  1. Navigate to the DAO section and press the button `CREATE A DAO` (You must be logged into Hashpack with the treasury account of the token of interest)

2. Insert Logo URL, NFT/Token ID, DAO Type (Classic or Limited) NOTE: Make sure the Image url renders properly in the icon before proceeding. If it doesn't, that means that the image url is not a valid one for ou dApp.

3. Enter a brief description about your DAO

4. Double check that all the details are correct

5. Confirm by clicking the `CREATE DAO` button

6. Approve transaction into your Hashpack wallet (DAO creation costs 1000 HBAR)

7. Congrats! You should receive a pop-up with a successful message. Your DAO will now be listed on our dApp.

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