NFT Staking As A Service


HbarSuite has released a unique feature that allows Users to Auto-Stake rewards by simply holding an NFT in your wallet. Any NFT Project Creator who wishes to introduce Auto-Staking to their project, can use our feature on a Staking-As-A-Service basis.

How to stake (for NFT holders)

  1. Hold an NFT collection with the Auto-Staking feature implemented

  2. Associate the rewards Token Id

  3. Enjoy your weekly rewards!

How it works (for creators)

  1. Creator secures a HSUITE NFT STAKING spot.

  2. Creator provides a fungible token for rewards.

  3. HbarSuite whitelists the NFT IDs provided by the Creator.

  4. Smart-Nodes will distribute Staking rewards on a weekly basis.

How to secure a Staking spot (for creators)

Please visit this link for more info:

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