Proof-Of-Reputation (POR)

How cool does that sound?

Note: As a DAO, we are in a fast-pace changing environment and terms may be subject to change, according to the Community Consensus.

What is it?

Proof-Of-Reputation is the rewards solution to incentivize good performance and longevity within Smart-Nodes.

How does it work?

HSUITE Validators will collect $KARMA based on Smart-Nodes performance and history, which can be redeemed for $HSUITE. If a Validator underperforms, bad Karma will be recorded on-chain attributed to the Node until it reaches the point of expulsion.

Where do the rewards come from?

Custom Fees will be collected from all the $HSUITE transactions and given to the HSUITE Validators when redeemed from $KARMA.

What is the Smart-Node APR?

Alongside a basic APR from the amount of $HSUITE utilized to run the Smart-Node, the amount of $KARMA collected by the HSUITE Validators may change according to time, performance and amount of transactions gathered. All the relative fees will be collected into a Custom-fees Vault account, to be released when redeemed from $KARMA.

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