Token keys


Due to the initial bootstrap phase of the HbarSuite Smart-Node Protocol, we reseved the right to have most $HSUITE Token Keys active. This was a strategic decision, taken to ensure full accommodation of operations in line with the token's utility needs and the overarching tokenomics v1 strategy.

Note: For the Tokenomics v2 launch, the team aims to either permanently remove most of the keys, or integrate them with a Multi-Signature protocol in concomitance with the Smart-Node v2 release.

Key features and Functionalities

Freeze Key

  • Purpose: To facilitate Token Sales with a vesting period.

  • Implementation: Immediate-Pledge-Order Buyers, as well as the core team, have their tokens locked. Notably, the core team's tokens are frozen until March 2024.

Wipe Key

  • Purpose: To enable token wipes on frozen accounts when vesting period over, specifically for Immediate-Pledge-Order (IPO) buyers.

  • Function: This key provided the team with the necessary control over the initial distribution and maintenance of the token's integrity during the early stages.

Admin Key

  • Purpose: To be able to delete extra Token Keys once not necessary anymore

  • Function: Allows to update/delete Token Keys

Fee Schedule Key

  • Purpose: To be able to potentially introduce Custom Token fees within the token, which may or may not be necessary for a revampment of $HSUITE Tokenomics

  • Function: Allows to implement/update/delete Custom Token Fees

Pause Key

  • Purpose: To be able to pause all the Token Operation in case of Major Ecosystem Updates

  • Function: Allows to pause all the $HSUITE operations for major changes

Supply Key

  • Purpose: To be able to re-mint wiped tokens from IPO frozen accounts

  • Function: Allows to mint tokens up to the Token Max Supply inside Token Treasury

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