Decentralized Exchange fees

Network fee

While Hedera Smart Contract DEXes must charge a base Hedera network fee + gas fee execution, the Hedera Network fee on HbarSuite DEX is currently $0.0001 in HBAR to perform swaps, as the Smart-Node technology performs on a Hedera Native Level.

HbarSuite Trading fees

HbarSuite currently charges 0.3% HBAR fee (formerly HSUITE) for any pair swapped or position minted/burnt into the DEX. This fee is to primarily reward Liquidity Providers. (Expired) HbarSuite Fees Discounts (valid for 1 year starting from June 5th 2023)

  • Shibar Gold NFT = 50% trading fee discount

  • Shibar Silver NFT = 25% trading fee discount

  • Shibar Bronze NFT = 15% trading fee discount

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