Launchpad fees

Note: HbarSuite Launchpad charges 0 fees when swapping $HBAR for $HSUITE

If NFT/Token for sale is in HBAR: - 5% HBAR value in HSUITE is charged to the User who utilizes the Launchpad for tokens outside of the HbarSuite brand. Example If NFT Project X is listed on HbarSuite Launchpad, where 1 NFT costs 100 HBAR, 5% (5 HBAR worth of HSUITE) is charged to the buyer. So the User will pay 100 HBAR + XX HSUITE.

If NFT for sale is in Custom Fungible Token: - A fixed fee of 1250 $HSUITE is applied to the sale of each NFT.

Example If NFT Project Hederian Dragons wishes to sell NFTs in exchange for $DRAGMA on HbarSuite Launchpad, the User will pay 1250 $HSUITE as Launchpad fee for each transaction.

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