Mint NFTs (Beta)

A simple way to mint Multi-File NFTs

Note 1: You can add as many NFTs as you wish to mint. It will automatically create minting blocks of up to 10 in order to execute the Token Mint Transaction correctly. Note 2: It may take a few minutes for your NFTs to display the images/files upload, due to IPFS propagation delay.

Step-by-Step guide

  1. Navigate to the TOKEN MANAGER section, press the button `ADMINISTRATE A TOKEN` and select the `MINT NFT` option (You must be logged into Hashpack with the account you created the token with)

2. Click the button to create NFT cards for the preview

3. Insert all the information and images/files and click `NEXT`

4. click on `START MINT` and then approve the Token Mint Transaction on Hashpack

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