HSUITE STAKING NFT (0.0.1461158)

Utilities associated with this NFT:

  • 7% APY Auto-Compounding on HSUITE balance

  • Early access to HbarSuite Mainnet Releases

  • WL for participating launches on HbarSuite Note: it is not expected that all projects using HbarSuite launchpad will participate in this offer

  • 20% discount for all purchases of $HSUITE from launchpad until round 2 has finalized

Note 1: For the discount of Round 2 HSUITE ITO, a snapshot of NFT holders will be ran every day at 00:00 UTC to update the list of NFT holders on IPFS, so it is suggested to wait at least a calendar day cycle to buy discounted $HSUITE.

Note 2: perks officially expire on January 31st 2024

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